Friday, August 13, 2010

GABF special event!

Just bought tickets for a "Ladies in Craft Beer" Brunch on Friday during the Great American Beer Festival weekend!

I've been meeting a lot of beer strangers lately - last week I met up with other Bay Area beer bloggers, and last night we had a Beer Advocate bottle share/tasting at Beer Revolution - and overall everyone's been nice and fun to talk to.  However, except for two women last night, it's been all dudes, all the time.  I certainly don't mind the guys, and I enjoy talking to them and have noticed that they all seem happy to talk to me without any weird undertones (people online, however, are a totally different story).  But it would be really nice to meet more of the ladies.  I know they're out there.  I don't need any "girls only" spaces, but having a few more women present would make me happy.  I wish this brunch was local, so that I could meet potential drinking friends, but I'm excited anyway to have an event that is specifically attempting to bring out the ladies.

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