Monday, April 11, 2011

Holy Shit, Triple Rock!

Since my old faithful ipod met a timely demise (it was about 5 years old, which is almost 90 in human years) when I attempted to smuggle two large, full coffees into the movies via my purse (spoiler alert: it was not a success), I was forced to purchase a new (old) one off craigslist. A kind UC Berkeley teenager sold me one cheap, so we went to eat at Triple Rock.

Hot damn.

I had two of their seasonal brews, and they are outstanding.

Hopfensuppe - an imperial IPA at 8.5%. So delicious. Fruity, light, similar to Avery's Maharaja. Perfect for a summery day. Just the right amount of hops to have a little kick, but they're the sweet citrusy hops that I love. LOVE this beer.

Black N Blue - a stout, but light at only 5.1%. It's a nice roasty beer that's a little more porter-like, but very sweet and warming. Also: blueberries! It's not an obvious fruit flavour, it's just a slight full sweetness that is surprisingly perfect.

Oh, Triple Rock. You are awesome.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Triple Rock Firkin Fest

Summer weather = beer festivals! Today we're in Berkeley drinking hand pumped beer. So far my favourite is Tcho Mama from Marin Brewing. Chocolate and cherries! So tasty. And surprisingly sweet - usually cherry makes beer sour, so this is a nice change.