Friday, July 23, 2010

Multiple people have now given me a hard time for not updating in so long.  This harassment comes from love, as does the blog itself.
The other day we drank two more beers that we received as "extras" (meaning: we didn't request them, and didn't know what was coming - this makes it much more experimental & exciting) in trades.  I wish I remember who sent them, but I didn't think to record that.  Oops.

Old Rag Mountain Ale (Scottish Ale, 7% ABV).  Dark brown colour, light brown head that dissolves pretty quickly.  Smells vaguely familiar, kind of sour.  Flavour is a weirdly interesting mix between a sour beer and a strong scottish ale - there's the scottish base that tastes heavy and dark and sweet, with a sour bite to it.  Throws me off a little.  The Lumberjack called it "tangy."  I like it, but just for tasting - I wouldn't order it at a bar on a regular basis.
Hopslam (Imperial IPA, 10% ABV).  Honey-coloured, foamy head that leaves pretty lacing.  Smells strongly of banana and apricot.  Strong hops in both the scent and the flavour.  Tastes fresh, light - a hint of malt to keep it from being too bitter.  Nice slightly syrupy consistency.  Obviously brewed with honey.  Excellent for summer weather, of which we get none in the Bay Area and instead wear parkas in July.

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