Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday afternoon at Rosamunde

For a Friday afternoon treat, the Lumberjack and I headed over to Rosamunde for sausages and beer.  This is the best way to my heart.

I had Lost Abbey Red Barn Ale (Saison, 6.% ABV) which was quite delicious.  It was really pretty in the glass - a rich, honey colour with nice lacy foam left on the glass.  The flavour was much fuller than saisons usually have (in my opinion) so it had a nice weight to it.  There was a distinct lemon aftertaste.  Very smooth, no bitterness.

Basically, it's the perfect beer to drink on a warm spring early evening with breeze coming in the open windows at a restaurant, when it's still light outside.  I like matching my beer with the weather, and this pairing was a perfect 10.

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