Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring!

Today we saw "Green Zone" (eh - best part of the movie was the Lumberjack totally guessing what was supposed to be a surprise right before it happened, then hearing the guy behind us go "oh my god I never expected that!" right after), and are now drinking Alameda Black Bear XX Stout (Foreign Stout, 6.8% ABV).

We're having it in the snifters we got from the Triple Rock Barrel-Aged tasting (yeah yeah yeah I swear I'll type up those notes soon) - according to my newest book, this is the best glass for stouts.

This stout is delicious!  The coffee flavour is a little lighter than I usually like, but it's so thick and syrupy and not too sweet that I don't mind.  It smells great, and the dark brown colour is so pretty.  Hopefully we'll find it down here - this is one of the last bottles we brought down from Portland last November.

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